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Affiliate Disclosure Policy

This website may contain affiliate links and/or blog posts that either review or mention products. These affiliate links may be embedded in a review of a product or service. Not all links embedded in review or other blog post are affiliate links. The nature of affiliate links is that by your clicking on them, John L. Wood may be compensated by commission, service or in some other fashion.

The purpose of review posts featured on this blog is to help answer questions on how a product may or may not meet their expectations. By sharing my experience with the products reviewed, it is hope you will be able to make a better informed decision whether the product is suitable for you.

Although most products reviewed here are bought and purchased for either household or business use, on occasion, a product may be sent by a manufacturer or distributor for review. When a product is provided in such a manner, it will be disclosed in the post.

It is my opinion that if the reviewer has no integrity, the review is worthless. Therefore, regardless of the source of any product reviewed, no opinion, fitness for use, rating or experience will be influenced by any manufacturer or distributor who provided the product. Even though the owner of this blog accepts compensation, whether it be in the form of a product or commission, you can expect an honest opinion based on this bloggers use, investigation, and or consumption of the products reviewed.

Findings, ratings, and experiences with products may be influenced by testing previous experiences researched. In other words, if multiple reviewers state product “X” has certain characteristics that influenced how they rated the product, I may focus part or all of a review to refute or support previous conclusions based on my experience.

On occasion, a product reviewed on this blog may be featured as an image linked to a third-party site to which I am affiliated. This “affiliate links” may direct you to a third-party where you can purchase or investigate the product further. In some cases, if you purchase an item reviewed here via one of the affiliate links, I may earn a commission.

Any claim I may make is based on my opinion. My opinion, rating, experience, or usage may not reflect your tastes, need, abilities, or ideas of suitability. In every case, I always suggest that you verify any claim, statistic, capability, or capacity of any product here with the manufacturer or via other reviews.

Finally, a positive or negative review here does not guarantee any product, service, business, software, or website is suitable for your intended use. Although I attempt to be very diligent, on occasion, I may misinterpret a feature, flavor, function, or suitability of a product reviewed.

You are using this site for your entertainment. By using this site, you accept responsibility for any decision you make to use or purchase any product reviewed here even if I suggest the product is a recommended in any fashion. By using this site, you agree to hold the blogger harmless for any lack of performance, suitability, reliability, or expectations of similar performance as mentioned in any blog post here. Also, by using this site, you hold the site owner harmless for any features not mentioned that may increase or decrease a products suitability for your intended or expected use.

This site may feature third-party advertisements that may fund the site owner through “pay per click” or by purchases made. In most cases these advertisements are generated based on your online habits via cookies stored on your computer. By clicking on any advertisements featured on this site, third-party companies may attempt to insert additional cookies or you may opt-into their privacy policy. Please review your browsers cookie handling policy. This site may use cookies to identify registered users or track access to certain pages.

We do not knowingly share data with third-party advertisers, vendors, manufacturers, Internet Service Providers, or Government Agencies. Unless you register, leave a comment, or send an email, your visit here is and will remain anonymous except for tracking data that may be collected by search engines and web hosting platforms.

If you ever have questions,; comments, or concerns, or note any omissions, please drop me an email. My reviews are not designed to please anyone, but integrity is important to the process of reviewing a product, so your input will be considered.

This policy was written on October 10, 2016 and will be in power until such a time a new policy has been created.

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