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My Used Fiero Parts

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Used and restored parts for 1984-1988 Pontiac Fiero. I find and save rare Fiero parts to feed my need to drive a Fiero. Wife says I can’t just store these fine Fiero parts. All parts located in Sacramento, CA. If serviceable, Fiero parts are listed as received. Some parts may be withdrawn for further detailing, cleaning, or restoration as time permits and then relisted.

Extensive Inventory of Used Fiero Parts

I am probably slightly mental when it comes to Fieros. Over the years I have driven thousands of miles to collect or in some cases, save rare Fiero parts. There has been a Fiero in my family since 1984, when my Dad brought home an 1984 Fiero Indy Pace Car. That car is still in our family.

Creating A Sustainable Used Fiero Parts Inventory

The current mission is to sell existing inventory so as to make room for the harder to find Fiero parts. My focus is on factory (OEM) parts, but occasionally unique non-OEM parts will be available.

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All Items Are Located In Sacramento, CA
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